Solo Camping. But Why?

Because why not! That’s why.

Solo camping can be fun, rewarding and safe as it is going with a partner or in group, if not more. Camping alone can give you a lot of time on reflection, recovery and learn to be comfortable with own company. 

Earlier on we listed out 21 Must-visit Camping Locations in Malaysia but we noticed there’s quite a demand on solo camping as well. You asked for it and we deliver!

Is it safe to do solo camping?

General rule of thumb would be if its not safe to go in a group, chances are, it is also not safe to go solo. Dependent on what day/s of the week you are going, you might come across another campers too especially on weekdays. 

We would recommend private campsites because they usually have live-in staff, located in village area, and have secured perimeter fencing. Many of these places owned and operated by a village house owner themselves.

The opposite is for the public campsite like National Parks or Eco Parks although there might be exceptions but generally the staff in only there during office hour, and they dont really encourage solo campers. Don’t be surprised some of these places dont even have counter or staff to begin with. 

How do I start solo camping?

Overpacking of course!

I’m not kidding. Whenever I go on solo trip, i would either benefit from another overpacked solo campers or me being that person, having bit of extra to share. We would train to use minimal amount of resource in such a way there still are room for the extras. Skimp on consumption but not on preparation.

Clearly, its not for beginner. One should work the way up before going solo. Build the confidence with extensive camping experience and non-camping solo trips. 

Safety should be top on your list. Means of communication, information for the loved ones, information from the locals – keep this info handy so other know what to expect and when to start worrying about you or your whereabout.

When no to go for solo camping?

The nons should be the beginners, anyone with health issues.

Again, when its not safe to go in group, means it is also not safe to go solo.

Listen to your guts. I may have had unplanned wild camping experience but also there are occasions whereby i just dont feel safe, left the location or even pack up after the tent is all set up. I can very well justify my actions now but these decisions were made in split second, just trust yourself and never tolerate with safety concerns. 

Are you ready for Solo Camping?

Well i hope you are! Lemme know in the comment below on you experience on solo camping and if there’s still doubts lingering, ask away! We will try to help you out for a few pointers but otherwise just persuade you friends and family to go camping with you with many other packages and camps on 

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