Show of hands for hammock camping fans? If you ever doubt on investing for one, just ignore the doubt and conquer your curiousity. Just buy it. It could be basic and perhaps cheapest tent option for one but from time to time, when you camp more regularly, you will be wanting to do hammock sometimes if not all the time.

Why Hammock Camping

Why not you might say! But of course, not all places is suitable with hammock camping. Also it needs quite a skill to be confident to let yourself float up the trees and there’s always risk of falling down. Nothing too complicated, all we need is just information, knowledge and just a bit of practice!

It is no competition inbetween tent vs hammock camping but we have summarized the reasons you might want to opt for hammock camping for a more ethical way of camping.

1. Low impact camping.

You will need to even out the ground and undergrowth to be able to make way for your tent but not with hammock. 8-15 feet distance in-between trees or strong pillars is all u need. Be it by the cliff or even swampy area, you will sleep flat and dry above ground, Sustainability warriors will have it at ease.

Even when the camping ground is rather full, rainforest bulldozing is not always the preferred option. (Oops!) Just go to the nearest tall trees and you are set!

2. No worries about crawling insects.

Lesser chance for You-know-what to invade your sleeping space. Being the rainforest Malaysia is in with the rich biodiversity, we have to try to respect the residents as we campers are merely weekend visitors. Some may have heard about the practice of spreading sulphur or using salt to deter some crawlies but some National Parks have banned that foreign substance altogether so why not compromise, dont be in their way – just have that peaceful sleep up your hammock!

Oh you can also add a mosquito night too and hello bug free camping!

3. Cradle like comfort.

Who doesn’t love being cocooned like a baby. While some may complain for backpain having to sleep non flat when it sags, it may be corrected by sleeping diagonally. Simple trick verified by yours truly, been sleeping in hammock for weeks and months at a time when she’s living abroad (Not always hammock camping but sometimes it could be better than the bed)

4. Versatile.

As basic as hammock can be, it can take numbers of gears for added comfort. Flysheet, underquilt, mosquito netting, there are some that built special for hammock attachment or some hacks wouldn’t hurt.

5. Even cats like hammock camping.

Cats approved. I don’t see why it needs more convincing.

Where to go for hammock camping?

We should probably go into the details on suitable places for that but meanwhile, do enjoy this camping places guides at and

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