Covid-19 outbreak is getting more serious day by day. We are writing this guide in effort to provide option for those who are fit to travel and could use sometimes outdoor from the tension building up seeing the number of cases going up locally and internationally.

We trust our readers are on the high alert and aware on the basic self hygiene practice to reduce the transmission of this little known disease. Therefore we also trust the decision to go out from the house, travel and camp to be a well informed one. We are under no lockdown nor travel ban and it is generally okay to camp.

For camps, we have shared the alert on how to make your camp safe in the previous post coronavirus-thecamparound-covid-19-alert

If we are going to camp anyway, we can together make it a safe and beneficial activity. That’s all this guide is going to be about. We are not saying it is 100% safe to do so, but for whatever chance of being exposed to the deadly virus, we can be more responsible and practice more caution to minimize the spread of it.

Read on to find out the 5 tips to go camping with more caution during Covid-19 outbreak

TIPS 1: Gather in open area

Camping is about reconnecting with ourselves, the nature surrounding us and the people with us. While we trust our friends and loved ones just as much as they trust us, minimize the chance to be in close proximity in enclosed space. Especially so for our tent neighbour we just met.

The virus and impurities can survive outside host, thats why enclosed small space is a bad idea. At least in the open, they can evaporate into the thin air and never to be seen again.

TIPS 2: Keep our distance from others

WHO guideline advises to keep a 1 m or 3 feet ‘social distance’ when interacting. The idea is the virus can be spread via bodily fluids in the form of droplets that possibly escaped us when we talk, sneeze or cough.

To be safe, just stay away from people how sneeze cough or having flu, and if thats so happen to be ourselves, its a lot better to just isolate, go solo in own tent or hammock, minimize the use of the shared toilet, only to do so when other are not present and make sure u clean up good after using. Err, use water instead of just toilet paper. Soap too. Don’t forget soap.

TIPS 3: USE public spoon.

Have you heard of the concept of public spoon?

The one that goes in our plate and in our mouth, thats personal spoon.

The serving spoon in the serving plate or in the case of camping, right from the pot – thats public spoon.

Malaysia is categorized as a blessed country we practice using this 2 types of spoon. It is a rare occurence in some countries and culture, instead using chopsticks and hands to eat therefore the cross contamination can happen at the public plates and bowls.

Avoid sharing food n utensils, use public spoon for public plate. Use personal plate and cup too. Cover the food at all time when its not ready to serve yet or for keeping.

TIPS 4: Eat good food, not junks because eat thy food like it’s medicine

Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food

Greek physician Hippocrates, The Father of Western Medicine

We cannot emphasize this enough. While there is no known cure for the Covid-19 as yet, our bodies come with a very powerfully engineered defense system – our immunisation and antibody system. It can be replenished, exhausted, strengthened or weakened. A common understanding is to eat more natural food and less of processed food to get the best of nutrient value.

You may lookup for superfood list and some also suggest to consume more alkaline food so the virus won’t survive in your system. We have no guarantee it works but under no circumstances junk food is better than real food when you can choose.

While we tend to munch and snack during camping, maybe this time around opt for nuts and fruits or dried fruits instead of cookies marshmallows and chips.

Grilled corn on cob anyone?

Ah while we are on the chapter of food, drink boiled or bottled water and eat well cooked food.

TIPS 5: IMPORTANT! Make it safe for others to camp too.

Should things goes south, as in you are tested positive please inform the camp so they can disinfect their camp so it’s safe for the next campers.

Should you realize you have the symptoms – cough, fever, flu- be responsible and see a doctor right away. You might not know when or where did you come across the contagious disease but the least you can do is trace your movement and close contacts so they could get themselves checked too and do the necessary precautionary action on their end too.

Stay informed, and stay safe, may we ride out this storm together

Trust that nature has the ability to heal, immersion in all different elements of topical rainforest will reactivate our senses and regulate our hormones and reset our body.

Getting away from all the high tech wave and energy in the city will give a good break so we can return fresh to our home later.

Till then, that’s all from us at and thecamparound, have a great time outside, camping people!