Where do i go for solo camping in Malaysia?

Ok so u think you are up for solo camping? The guide 5 Questions you should before you go solo camping in Malaysia was written with a generous amount of kiasuness but when u done it once it might got you ‘eh, like this only? i can surely do next time lah’

If this gonna make this easier for you, we list out 9 camps that is solo camper friendly.

Few criterias we look when listing this out are
1. Individual price (or two person sharing but still low price)
2. Operator/staff available onsite
3. No minimum booking




Are you ready for Solo Camping?

Well i hope you are! Lemme know in the comment below on you experience on solo camping and if there’s still doubts lingering, ask away! We will try to help you out for a few pointers but otherwise just persuade you friends and family to go camping with you with many other packages and camps on www.thecamparound.com