Join us as a guest writer

Guest writer is the backbone of a powerful website. Who doesn’t love writing?

Ok maybe not everyone. But if you have something to share, and dont want the information buried down into the deepest of your social media and it is related to camping, allow us to invite you in this platform. receives visit by thousands of people possibly campers and outdoor and nature lovers. We don’t just build a website, but we also want to build a community that appreciates Sustainability that encompassing community sharing as one core value.

Your writing empowering others and yourself

By sharing your piece of experience or tips and tricks, it helps others in improving their camping skills and experience. How cool is that? We always believe that sharing information is empowering to people especially in making tough decision like which tent to buy or which camp to go for the next trip.

It doesn’t stop there. Perks for writing to us includes

  • Writer’s Bio: We will publish your photo, social media or website link and introduction.
  • Promotion across our social media: All blog posts are shared across our social media accounts and, whenever possible, we will link to your social media too.
  • Opportunity to be invited to our community engagements: Even in this digital age, we believe offline engagement is even more important so ideas can be generated and refined and actions can be taken.

So, what should you write about?

Our blog focuses on seven key areas: Campsites in Malaysia, Tips and Tricks, Sustainable Tourism, Gears and Equipments, Experience Sharing, Events, Research and Education.

We love contents that is practical, inspirational and empowering. Hey, anything-camping goes!

Example of one of our guest writer post, adapted from a Facebook post on
8 Tips Camping Selamat

How should you write it?

We accept both English and Malay articles, it doesn’t need to follow and advance writing techniques, write as you would to you Facebook perhaps? We do value more refined writing though.

Little tips – catchy title, strong introduction.

As a good practice of blog writing, you will have to include link/s to any of the previous post. We may or may not edit and clip and add things into your article as we see fit. If you wish to add/remove any parts posted, you may contact us directly.

Also we don’t mind to advertise your link or products at no fee.

Where should you send it?

Please email your post as a word document to or share a google doc to the same address.

Can we be your guest writer too?

Oh yea. We would love to do that too. Leave comment down below or can always email us at