Ah, lets break our inexcusable long hiatus.
Camping at H&N Campsite, Port Dickson

Greeted with the blue sky at our camp last weekend. It was a fairly occupied camp but everyone started to observe a social distancing despite no official order yet so no group gathering just everyone minding their own business getting busy with what nature presented upon us.

Continue reading to see sceneries in the mid day towards the sunset, just so happen it was low tide we get to walk in a very vast beachside wow!

Dont forget to spot the coastal creatures! There’s crab, there’s shellfish, and best of all – mudskipper!

There’s a mangrove swamp area to one side and a Sandy Beach to another, this campsite is truly best of both worlds!

Different scenery but we were still at the very same location. This is the mangrove area during mid tide, when its love, it’s actually walkable to the other side but it’s rather muddy and full with the shellfish. When its high tide, you can hear the wave crashing the embankment like it’s in the middle of the sea already!