Camping is easy, safe and affordable way to immerse in nature. Sleep to the music of nature and wake up to the birds chirping. Being close to nature doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice for comfort. Reactivate your senses and rejuvenate with deep sleep in bed made possible when your tent has a bed!

Make no excuse, this is the time you get a big enough tent to fit your full sized bed and maybe a set of table and chair, and enough playroom so you can get comfy snuggling with your family inside the tent.

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a King Canopy Heavy Duty Canopy 10 x 20 ENCLOSED The design has a large door at one end that opens to a very spacious tent as good as a 200sqf room.

The canopy comes in white color so it looks bright and clean inside and outside and match easy with your creative decor however you like it. Proud owners of the canopy has been using it for exhibition booth, Spa kiosk in a mall, and even luxury decorated glamping tent. Its really up to ones creativity how to use it.

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Heavy duty roof and wall tent with waterproofing property, complete with clear PVC window on both sides.

You can be creative to arrange few beds inside, proud owners of this King Canopy Heavy Duty Canopy 10 x 20 ENCLOSED has been using it for luxury Glamping experience with varieties of Single Kind Bed, Single King Bed and double Single Beds, or just arrange a few single beds neatly inside the tent.

Easy to setup with 8 nos of vertical legs, and aplastic buckles and bungies, you can secure the legs with stakes to ensure sturdy construction that can stand strong wind. A semi permanent structure that you can relocate as and when needed.

Easy to assemble and demolish also is a big plus point as not to to pollute the environment with permanent irrepairable structures.

Invest in one now! 

Delivery and COD in Klang Valley available upon prior arrangement.

For large order more than 10, inquire us so we can advise on delivery time.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR CAMP OPERATORS: need installation at your site? our team is happy to assist on that, additional fee applies!