Thecamparound Covid-19 Alert Full Text


I’m Tengku Nina Ali from and we would like to issue a high alert to all our Partners and Providers mainly and camp owners and operators in general. This shall include campgrounds, glampings, boathouses, caravan parks, cabins and chalet, dorms and other alternative holiday accomodations.

This is due to recent outbreak of covid-19 or coronavirus. We have more cases reported everyday globally and indeed has been declared a global emergency by World Health Organization (WHO). Link to the WHO guidelines

We would like to advice camps to also proactively prevent the spread of the disease by three simple steps anyone can take.

1. Ask the staff and guest to declare their health condition and recent travel information. spot the main symptoms includes high fever, flu and cough. if theres symptoms but no known exposure to other covid-19 patient, practice self quarantine and distance from others. We have the summary of questions you should ask in here you can copy and use. Do not hesitate to reject the booking and check in should there be any unfavourable result from the monitoring and contact local authorities or health personnel for next course of action.

2. Maintain a strict hygiene practice. Sanitize and disinfect the common areas, washrooms and promote guest for hand washing with soap frequently. Simple tips is to just use the bleach like clorox and such, dilute it to the recommended ratio and use to mop the floor and wipe down the table or play area. Clorox use guidelines Keep face mask in stock and use it when necessary. Practice food safety, eat only well cooked food and drink only boiled water.

3. Keep yourself updated with the current news and progress of the outbreak. Depending on your believe and religion, do the prayers to avoid the pandemic to affect us and end soon. For Muslims, a doa link is here

We are hopeful that all this will go away soon but already,many are feeling the effect for the lack of local and international travellers this year and it’s going to take some times to recover.

so it is more important for us to instill the confidence for people to travel local and know that we the camps owners, operators and professionals are taking proactive actions to combat the covid-19 and I would like to use this opportunity to pledge for Malaysians to support each other during this hard times and choose to travel local. #cuticutimalaysia maybe that’s what we need now.

Thank you and assalamualaikum.