I will question your background if you haven’t heard of this guy! Crazy Russian Hacker has been making YouTube videos for years and therefore has been entertaining people around the world since forever!

What’s up everybody welcome back to my forest where safety is my number one priority and today I’m gonna show you 5 camping gadjicks

Crazy Russian Hackers anyone?

Who is Crazy Russian Hacker?

His name is Taras Kul. He is from Russia but refuge to US at very young age. He doesn’t speak English well then, he learnt only when he’s in US and carries with him that thick Russian accent.


That’s just his signature word. When something amazing happen he says boom! When he is surprised he says boom! When he open a can he says boom! When something he says boom! He just say it all the time.

People like him for his humble attitude, always appreciates everything to be amazing and first time in his life and he really like something. Some speculated that he’s that way because he genuinely appreciate everything because it was tough growing up now that he is rich he still maintain that humble attitude.

From a refugee who had nothing to social media hit. He has a big comfortable house and cars and all the life niceties but maybe he live in countryside considering he has a farm that looks like real forest. Despite humble farming l that probably gave him comfortable income already he continues on entertaining us the hungry YouTube consumers with his new contents regularly.

He is now operating few channels on his own. Personal ones and also those dedicated to his other hobbies like farming and beekeeping. It caused a sensation when he announced that he wanted to get married and he was kind enough to share the wedding in his channel ❤️ and even featured his wife in some of the videos.

Has he changed since then? Maybe. People would expect him to be more domestic and he actually complies.

He is now mostly doing kitchen gadgets review and it’s rather lame and mundane and the comment section lamented if he keeps all those gadgets he tried or how big is his storage but because everyone has a soft spot to the dear Crazy Russian Hacker, we take it easy and enjoy every single boom dosage of YouTube thanks to Taras.

Now the introduction on who he is gets pretty long linger han initially expect it to be I suppose you know him already. Its a relief to be able to let this out my chest because frankly speaking whenever I tried to strike a conversation in real life wanting to share insights on his latest video that I watched, I don’t always find it welcoming for me to go on.

Are you still with me? Good thank you I really appreciate that now it has come to the most important part of this post. The 5 camping gadgets review.

You may watch the video here https://youtu.be/c6PepcTQNGg

5 camping gadgets review by crazy Russian Hacker

1. Sea to Summit Mosquito Box Net Shelters Mesh Single

USD 19.95 on amazon

2. Sea to Summit Folding Bucket

USD24.95 on Amazon

3. Sea to summit Kitchen sink

USD 27.85 on Amazon

4. Sea to Summit Pocket shower

USD 34.95 on Amazon

5. Sea to Summit Portable Simple shower

USD 10.99 on Amazon

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