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ICF Asia Oceania Camping Congress 2019

Thecamparound would like to congratulate everyone for making the ICF Asia Oceania Camping Congress 2019 a huge success.

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myleaf organiser for icf aocc 2019

ICF International Camping Congress is held all around the world one in every three years. This is like the Olympics of Camping, much smaller niche but of that prestige.


  • To provide a venue and opportunity for camp professionals, students, friends and retirees in camping to meet, network, discuss and exchange views.
  • To provide education in current trends and training on camping practices, of interest to an international audience, and applicable in all regions.
  • To enable the host country, through its local association and organizing committee, to present camping, camping practices and local culture that are of interest to visiting delegates and delegations.
  • To raise the profile of camping, generally, and in the host country, in particular, by presenting camping in the best light to both the media and the general public.

The first ever ICF International Camping Congress was held in Toronto, Canada in 1983. The regional camping congress can be organised separately and Malaysia is part of the Asia Oceania chapter. This year’s ICF AOCC is actually the second time it was held in Malaysia after the first one in Ipoh, Perak back in 1995 (if my memory serves me right- writer)

ICF-AO 2019 Malaysia is a conference which involves two International Organizations which are ICF (International Camping Fellowship) and ICF-Asia Oceania – Bringing Together a World of Camp Professionals.

The International Camping Fellowship (ICF) and ICF Asia Oceania (ICF-AO) is a worldwide assembly of camp professionals who share their enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to the camp experience with the dream of “a better world through outdoor experience.”

All 110 participants from 15 countries, committee members, volunteers, have a safe journey back and get a well deserved rest.

Thank you for having us. it was great pleasure to be sharing the same space with other global key players in Camping industry. Thank you for inviting us to your camps and we are more than excited to make our next round the world trip for more camping!

Valuable Lesson

We thought this would be just like any other congress we have had attended, locally or internationally but we can’t get more wrong! We learnt so much and humbled by how much more enthusiastic everyone else is.

First of all, we were amazed by the number of turn outs, out of the 110 total atendees, 50 of them were Russian. 30 of them were Chinese so the language barrier is there.

Secondly and the most important lesson for all of us? Well at least Thecamparound’s team as most Malaysian are – bilingual. We tend to speak in the language we know and let other people smile innocently being left out from conversation. We are in the 2019 where everyone talks about inclusivity

ICF AOCC Camping Congress Highlights

icf souvenir clay handmade russia

Спасибо ета
Thank you for this beautiful handmade clay from Russia

ICF aocc Russia globe artic bering strait polar bear matvey russia

Day 2 ICF Asia Oceania Camping Congress 2019, Malaysia

Ета Артек, polar bears live here
Ета аитартек, penguinn live here.

Don’t mix, one is friendly another is not. – Матвей, русский on his annual North Pole ski expedition crossing the Bering Straits

aicf aocc turkey faree icf icfao 2019

Don’t throw ur leftover food in the jungle guys.
Turkish national park rangers had footages to show that when people throw food the bears learnt to forage to rubbish instead of the usual way. Since those were leftover, not much of them around. But poor them bears have no other skills to hunt for food. So they don’t eat enough, they don’t get fat, come winter time, they don’t go hibernate. Come summer time, just imagine.
Trails are now open to public.
What could possibly be worse than grumpy hungry bears?

ICF aocc China josh li voice camp children camp camping china

“our marketing strategy includes social media, WeChat, and also the upcoming Alibaba sales? We giving out coupons for this coming 11.11 too” – Josh Li on China Camping, from China.

ICF aocc Malaysia tanah aina icf asia oceania 2019 glamping camping congress

Enticing the audience to spend a night or two by the most beautiful river in Pahang – Dong River in Tanah Aina – Puan Sri To’ Puan Datuk Sharifah on Glamping in Malaysia

ICF aocc Canada roberta bondar foundation icf asia oceania 2019 camping congress

“Roberta Bondar Foundation brings art into science and science into art by means of photography”

John Jorgenson on Photography and Art in the Nature, Canada

Day 3, ICF Asia Oceania Camping Congress 2019, Malaysia

Till we meet again at ICF Beijing 2020

Especially delighted to meet Singaporean and Indonesian, together we empower our regional camping ecosystem.

This event is an important milestone for Thecamparound in imagining the future of Malaysian Camping. By learning about the unique experiences and best practices we can further validate our dream to see camping more widely accepted in Malaysia and being even more relevant with the growing economy and prosperity of our country.

icc 2020 beijing
“One World – One Camp”
The camping movement worldwide helps children of various countries in vastly different ways: indoor v.s. outdoor activities, high-rope v.s. low-rope courses, arts v.s. technology programs, and cooking v.s. mountaineering etc., but the rationale and philosophy underlying all these apparently different camp activities are the same: providing children a loving and safe environment where children are free from inhibitions so they can explore and find themselves, and eventually become themselves and also a productive member of their respective communities.

Till we meet again in ICF Camping Congress Beijing 2020!

P/s: Thecamparound should be found saying hello in your inbox with a little token from our team to yours. Please also check the spambox. Do contact us directly or dm should we missed you!

Terima kasih, thank you, xiexie, спасибо
Marcus & Nina / Маркус и Нина

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