Best Gila!!

last conversation between the woman and her brother

Probably that was the last thing she said before the rope breaks and she fell from 10 meters high into the river underneath.

Her brother recalled she’s been wanting to do the rope swing and very happy to get to do it together with her. She’s not new in extreme adventures and just returned from a hiking trip in Negeri Sembilan a day earlier.

She told me she can’t feel her legs

The brother gets to talk to her when she regained conciousness after being rescued

She’s then rushed to the nearest Hospital Kuala Kubu Bharu before transferred to Selayang Hospital for further treatment.

The rope swing operator and crew members has taken responsibility for the swift emergency response.

Kuala Kubu Bharu is an upcoming extreme adventure spot in Selangor. The rope swing activity started in 2018 and has gone viral since the early days (refer

Public may help to ease the financial burden for the operation and treatment via her brother Mohamad Yakub Account number 162107181368 (MBB) and phone 60122836884

Speedy recovery, sister!

news source taken from Facebook and Mstaronline article in the link