I copy this from my Facebook post just in case it’s taken down for whatever reason.


Malaysian Covid-19 Response & Resources

What I’ve seen being done

  1. Tracker app – thanks earlier responders dashboard makers.
  2. Food collection and distribution – Covid-19 volunteer group, malakat mall team Judin Trekkerz Mohammad Bin Mohammad Salleh (Tobleronemania Dee)
  3. Face shield making – few groups, me.reka, Fazli Bakri 0174210963
  4. Aerosol box making – Amber art, advertising signage companies, Sam, Puchong +60 16-663 3072, Sim +60 12 398 7669
  5. Sewing PPE –
  6. Sanitization and disinfection of places –
  7. Sterilization chamber making (now in prototype)
  8. Blood donation. (Maybe plasma donation too , I read that it’s one of the covid treatment method) – any hospital blood bank, please call first.
  9. Temporary nursery for frontliners’ kids – Jameyah Sheriff
  10. Temporary housing for frontliners – individuals
  11. Retired nurses to report duty – gov
  12. Donation to covid fund – mufti minister, imaret

What’s next

  1. Architects to inspect buildings to be converted into quarantine centers – check PAM fb page
  2. Build isopod – google for design. Some hospitals have it some don’t and to place order it cost RM40k from china.
  3. Actually building a makeshift isolation center

Please add anything I missed. If you need more volunteers to work with you also can comment here.

With so much being done now, the more I realize the public can take their part too instead of just idling. But instead of roaming around, try to stay home as much as possible.

It’s also only appropriate to battle this together, shut down the non essential businesses. Online shopping for non essential items tu limitkanlah. That’s contributing one more delivery Abang to go around risking himself.