Magic malaysian camping community meetup

Camping Community? How many are there? A question we often ask ourselves and often being asked. We have no finite answer. Harvard studies measures millions of Americans go camping every year. Japan has a huge camping population. In China and Russia, camping is preferred activity for growing up children. How about Malaysia?

We took the challenge to gauge by first opening the door wide open before charting our next course of action.

Calling all camping enthusiasts! – camp owners, operators, related service providers and anyone within the camping community.

Malaysian Camping Community Meetup by is a half-day event aimed to gather the camping community to discuss strategic partnerships as well as network with like-minded individuals to facilitate the exchange of ideas to make camping a stronger trend in Malaysia.

The half-day event will feature:

1. Sharing by Malaysian Tourism Council
2. Introduction by Malaysian Camping Association
3. Sharing by Myleaf/ICF on ICF AOCC 2019
4. Introduction and demonstration by Thecamparound


Time Activity
2:00 PM Arrival and Registration
2:30 PM Welcoming Remarks
3:00 PM Sharing by Malaysia Tourism Council
3:30 PM Introduction to Malaysia Camping Association
4:00 PM Introduction and Demo Thecamparound
5:00 PM Q&A / Networking
6:00 PM End

Who Should Attend

– Startups
– Travel Enthusiasts
– Traveltech entrepreneurs
– Students
– Camping community

Malaysian Camping Community Meetup Report

Malaysian Camping Community Meetup by Thecamparound.

11th September 2019, MaGIC Cyberjaya.

Terima kasih thank you hvala tasyakkur спасибо nuhun syukran merci xiexie arigato salamat asante bainah kamsamhamnida gracias koszi cam on!! Happy campers in @magic_cyberjaya thank you for making the event a great success!

We especially thank Media Prima for the Buletin TV3 coverage

There’s about 60 people turn up at the event and we are happy to see familiar faces and lot more new faces and we are thrilled!! – thank you for the speakers – MTC Malaysia Tourism Council, MyCamp Malaysian Camping Association, MyLEAF, – honoured guests Thecamparound Providers,@dusun_bonda
camp owners – @tanahdesakelana
ministries – KATS, MOF, MOTAC,
gov agencies MDEC
Other travel tech friendly rivals @gununghub
@byloka_com@lokalocal camping service providers brand owners, @malaysian4wheelers
medias @mediaprimabhd@tv3malaysia
camping communities @family_camping_malaysia
I’m sure there’s lot more I missed to mention say hi down below so we can follow each other 😊

Hope everyone had a fruitful evening with insights from the speakers and enjoy meeting everyone else.
Thank you again and let’s greater things begin!
Camping is now the better holiday option in Malaysia
Towards #vm2020