pendaki malaya camping challenge 2019
pendaki malaya camping challenge 2019

We posted not too long ago when the event was opening the registration

After the long wait, it finally happened on 23rd-24th Nov 2019. Enjoy the photo gallery down below!

The two days camping challenge was formatted on how hikers camp especially on multidays hiking trips in the thick tropical rainforest of Malaysia. Safety, food, hygiene, how to keep dry and warm at all time, communication, team management, so on and so forth.

The event was like a mini gathering for old friends in the hiking arena and a great platform meeting many more people with the same interest and also newer fresh faces that has no lack of skills and experience.

It started early in the morning with arrays of challenge that can be just everyday routine for a hiker during trips but a tough one for the unprepared.

Laying out the items to pack, packing up, setting up the tent, cooking, first aid, orienteering, just to name a few of the challenges for the day 1

Come night time, there’s some light rainfall but everyone is still in the game mode!

The hikers again tested for their bushcraft skills making fire out of bamboo and magnesium fire striker and making knots.

The participants maybe coming from many diverse background but when its in the jungle it’s down to the scarce resources, how will one survive?

Second day at #pendakimalayacampingchallenge2019
Waking up to nice view and even nicer breakfast and of course final challenge for the day!

Who’s the champion? That, you will have to wait till the next post!