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Local brand from Malacca The Historical City of Malaysia.

ORGA Mountainworks is well known (and well sought after, too) amongst local hikers in Malaysia. It started back in 2012 by a then hardcore mountain hiker himself.

As a hiker, one would have to do some research and trial and error to find suitable equipment and gear that has not only highest quality and packed with the latest feature, but can also withstand robust use given the Malaysian tropical and mountain forest landscape which also demands it to be lightweight and waterproof. This one hiker, nicknamed Orga, took it upon himself into collecting, frankensteining many of the best available products and brands out there (most not even retail in Malaysia) and eventually designed and commercialized his own.

Malaysia outdoor gear brand since 2012. We do producing own gear and run online store shop for hiking, camping, climbing, running, trekking etc. Our range of products includes backpack, running vest, hydration soft flask and many more to come.

It’s not supposed to be called ORGA Mountainworks

Well, now it is. However it was meant to be called ‘Borneo Gear’ but the name was rejected and since 2014 ORGA has been a registered trademark, fully owned by ORGA Mountainworks.

Three tough years of R&D

Through the years, dozens of carrying technologies and materials gone through extensive research and development. In 2016, the wait was over. TT47x, new fast and lite backpack design with xpac fabric was introduced.

Orga mountainworks TT47x
Orga TT47X was introduced in Outdoor Gathering in Gunung Nuang, 2017

In conjuction with Malaysian’s 60th Day of Inpendence, a new hero was introduced – Orga TT53D. It caused a stir in local hiking community with such a modular, lightweight and waterproof pack with so many features one could only dream of, what more the distintive cuben fiber main body. As production was limited, the wait line was long before you could land a hand on this Orga TT53D.

Manufacturer – Orga Mountainworks
Model – TT Ultra 53 D
Backsystem – Tarkul Backsystem (Single Bar Suspension)
Capacity ~ 53 Liter
Weight ~ 830g Pack

Design ~ Minimal, simple and clean design. ~
Less seam weatherproof construction. Only centre of main body sewn.

Pack Features ~ Dyneema (cuben fiber) main body – the strongest fiber in the world which 15 times stronger than high-quality steel, ultra lightweight, extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to UV and chemicals ~ Modular7 (patent pending)

Pack construction– pack can disassembled to 7part; the main body, top lid , pack bottom, body frame, shoulder strap, backpad and hipbelt.

~ Backpad – super ventilated see–thru 3D mesh cushioning for a jetcool breathable back body and quick dry effect.
~ Hipbelt – SALT-Spherical Align Load Transfer (patent pending) hipbelt configuration that can pivoting 360° at axis x,y and 22° at axis z which allow free hip movement while alligning the load to centre of gravity effectively. ~ Accessories – Lots of module can attach.
~ Shoulder Strap – unisex S shape with 3 way adjustment level to support your neck
~ Adjustable torso 16”-19.5” backsystem.
~ Top and bottom loading with roll top closure.
~ Pack load-lifter included. Accessories
~ chest strap, framesheet, parang holder, water bottle holder, hipbelt pocket, Orga SP, outer mesh and mesh daypack.
Many modules will release in future.

Fabric Material
~Dyneema Composite Fabric ( Cuben Fiber ) – Made in USA ~Dimension Polyant Xpac VX42 – Made in Germany
~CSM ( Hypalon ) – Made in Korea
~Nylon Ripstop – Made in UK Hardware Material
~ITW Nexus buckle
~Nylon webbing
~YKK hook and loop
~YKK zip(for mesh daypack) Bodyframe Material
~Aircraft grade aluminium
~Kydex Thread
~Rasant 75

Artisanally handmade in The Historical City of Malacca, Malaysia – UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today, Orga Mountainworks continues with the R&D and producing more into the line more than just mountain hiking equipments an gears but also running and camping.

We would like to bring your interest to few of ORGA products that can be great addition to your camping equipments.

We are keeping our eyes open on new additions in camping line especially. Visit so we can together wait!