Camping day has come!

Ring of Fire Camping was scheduled on 25th-26th Dec 2019 and tickets were on sale weeks prior to the event. We received inquiries and bookings with few unconfirmed bookings and cancelled ones and we gathered with 13 happy campers from KL, Cyberjaya & Nusajaya, Johor.

Stacked container cabins are actual units. The bottom one is Surau.

The locations chosen was KW Caravan Park & Cabin Stay – one of our earliest partners with ARTECH. Featuring Caravans and Motorhomes on display, this camp offers caravan parking, cabin stay and also campsites. Check them out on Thecamparound

Day 1 – The Arrival

First carpool group arrived at our camp at 4am, immediately awed by the starry night clear sky we hardly see in KL. The air was chilly. We phoned En Kamsol the owner he opened the gate and welcomed us in.
Wasn’t long before we finished set up our tent and settled in.

Clean, safe and secure.

In the morning, nasi lemak daun pisang breakfast was waiting for us.

Catchup the morning news on TV. Common dining area complete with hot water dispenser, fridge, coffee, and table top with sink.

And we saw serene landscape upon us. Its quite a distance from the main road so I could stand in the middle of the straight road bathing in the morning fog during the sun up.

Kampung road

Now the mission is to get the rest of the group to wake up to the nasi lemak and more exploration of the area!

The other carpool and convoy groups checked in the cabin a little past afternoon and early evening and it was raining but we had fun setting up the tent in the downpour!

Exploring the campsite

The blue sky just cooperated with us we took photos but missed more in the process. (Or maybe I was too intimidated by the two geese, well fenced but oh well)
The park campsite is within a 3 acres fruit orchard. There’s durian, mangosteen, guava, sukun, sireh, papaya, duku, mata kucing, just to name a few. Just the place you want to be during coming fruit season!

KW Caravan Park & Cabin Stay lived up to its name. All the buildings made of used shipping container, from the rooms to the kitchen to swimming pool and office and surau and numbers of caravans and motorhomes on display. Each and everyone has been on adventure by the sweet couple owner around the world. There’s also timber platform for tents of mutiple size big enough to fit even the quechua arpenaz 4.1 supported by used concrete test cubes.

Kitchen with a cabin unit on top, common toilet and shower attached.
The inside of one of the many motorhomes
Well equipped cabin with industrial finishing but comfortable furnishings.

Facilities wise, you have got every nice things you would expect for a campsite, with cabin stay and with caravan parks. Power outlets, TV in the cabin, hot shower, BBQ pit, kitchen with gas stove.
There’s also black water dumping point and 16A 3 pin power hookup points for campervans.

Clean tiled toilet with shampoo and shower foam, open shower, and oh the mirror. It’s always nice to have camp toilets with mirror!

Our Tents and Cabins

Our humble tents, cabin, and joined by one of our new campers in their journey making loop for half peninsula in 4 days 3 nights.

We especially love how the eco friendly and just adequate lighting at night was. The lights around the campsite was dimmed garden lights, some lights are motion activated and perimeter fence lighting powered by solar energy.


Perhaps we went a little overboard with the food prep. But it’s mostly fun chopping and cooking and grilling together, even the kids enjoy getting their hands at making their favourites.

To sum up our menu

Breakfast – nasi lemak daun pisang, coffee

Lunch – rice, pucuk paku, sambal udang and fishball, papadom, serunding bunga kantan and asam pedas I siakap. Asam pedas and serunding was bought from local mixed rice restaurant.

Lunch spread

Dinner – rice, fried chicken, ayam masak lemak, ikan masin bulu ayam, ikan goreng, vege, sambal.

Post dinner – manuk pansuh (ayam cooked with herbs in bamboo)

Supper – bread n butter pudding, grilled banana with marshmallow and choc

Breakfast – nasi goreng, dinner leftover, eggs, nasi lemak daun pisang

Honorable mention – the local food we didn’t get to try but is recommended by owners and other campers – kentang goreng. Not your typical kentang goreng but find one in Benut you will be surprised and may regret didn’t tapaw back one.

The Ring of Fire – annular solar eclipse

We break camp and pack up then leave to Tanjung Piai to join the Solarfest event to observe the possibly once in a lifetime astronomical phenomenon seeing the sun covered by the moon in alignment in the midday.

We first spotted a corner of the sun covered at 1 o’clock position at 1126am while driving to the location. Carefully observing with a piece of welding glass.

Arrived at the Tanjung Piai National Park seeing people equipped by their gigantic equipments and it’s quite an experience. Messages exchanged over the phone with friends and family around Malaysia we were all looking at the same moon and sun at once!

Johor was in the full Annular path so we get to see the full ring for a brief two minutes but every second of the phase visible throughout whole Malaysia was nothing short of amazing!

Annular solar eclipse 2019 in Tanjung Piai National Park

Special mention – Mycamper2go

We were joined by some other campers from Klang Valley and Singapore but what could be the better other than bumping into familiar ones! Mycamper2go is a campervan rental service located in Shah Alam where you can rent a unit and drive around.


We met the happy family in their journey of 4 days 3 nights driving half peninsula loop from Klang Valley – Pontian – Mersing – Cherating – Klang Valley. They booked for a night stay at one of the Thecamparound Caravan Parks

The people! The Happy Campers!

Happy campers!

Thank you for joining the event and hope everyone had a great time. Coming from near and far, making new friends and memories and perhaps planning for future camps too?

Any requests for future campout by ArTech? 

P/s: photo credits goes to the Happy campers themselves. Thank you for sharing!