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Stationing the rig to a new station to serve u better. Thecamparound is eager to announce the new address new look and feel to get to a new high. Say hello to the all new

Just because we were conceived on the road doesn’t mean we will always remain that way. We have been calling places – your camps, restaurants and cafes, car cabin, any place as The office and the flexibility has greatly powered our operation thus far.

Moving to a somewhat more permanent station is only due as we grow and eager to grow bigger, faster, and campier.

Providers, be warned that the team will still be calling your camps as our temp office. May our presence in this new ecosystem will propel the transformation towards digitalization and global reach and camping will forever be an upward trend. Of course, thecamparound address shall serve as our meeting venue too.

Don’t forget to submit your best camp discovery to expand Malaysian camping list

Ah sometimes there’s too many words like its a blog. But there’s so blog we will.

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