Still. Hey again Camping People!!

If you are coming from, this is not an error. this is the update. After much consideration, we are streamlining our operation into one single page – that works better with our camping community, where its all begin back in our early days in 2018.

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Hey Camping People,Due to Covid-19, we temporarily suspend our operation for a minimum 6 months effective March…

Posted by Thecamparound on Thursday, April 9, 2020

As with any other person or organization during this trying time, we too, are recovering as best as we can. We are excited to see many people enjoy camping more even those who less of a camping people are now finding themselves hooked up.

We are still in the midst of redeveloping our new online booking system but we will in the meantime have good time bring you the camping contents you wouldn’d want to miss.

There are also special COVID-19 related reports we can share especially to other camping professionals and related organizations, for in many ways, the establishment of camping sector in the tourism industry needs collaborative efforts of all parties to ensure its sustainability and we at ARTECH pledge to work together to achieve our common goals and ready to make our resources public.

So.. camping people, what do want to see next? 😉