Youtube viral vloggers are major source of entertainment nowadays. When we search for camping not many malaysian result come up. There’s only a handful that we could search but they are good!

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Maybe there’s not too many and not too viral as compared to camping in other countries of other topics in Malaysia but hey there’s no lack of interesting camps or camping acitivities in Malaysia just maybe Youtube and Vlogging is not yet trendy and happy campers are just shy campers!

Meanwhile, please enjoy our Top 5 Youtube Viral Camping Channel down below!

24 Hour Travellers

Youtube Stats

Youtube since – July 2017
Subscriber – 33.2k
Total 85 videos
Most viral – S1 E14 #VANTOUR Nissan Urvan Caravan #RETRO #CAMPERVAN (507k views)

Hi and welcome to our Channel, we are Sam and Rene. Sam (from Malaysia) and Rene (from Singapore). Our channel trailer tells you a little about us and what to expect on our channel.

Warm Regards, Sam & Rene (Roxy, Bo, Leo & Skye)

24 Hour Travellers Trailer

Frugal Outdoors & Camping

Youtube Stats

Youtube since – July 2017
Subscriber – 11.5k
Total 101 Videos
Most Viral Video – Kejadian KEPALA AIR di Sungai – Koleksi Video (127k views)

Hi, Welcome to my channel Frugal Outdoors & Camping
The main contents of this channel are
1) Waterfall Exploration
2) Practicing Bushcraft Skills
3) Solo Hiking & Camping
4) Camping with friends
5) Outdoor Camping

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Eirwan Ahmad

Youtube since – April 2018
Subscriber – 12.8k
Most Viral Video – RIDE & CAMP | Motorsikal Kapchai Redah Sungai | Hulu Tamu, Batang Kali. Selangor | (54k views)

Zee Siang See

Youtube since- Nov 2015
Subscriber – 39
Most Viral Video –Janda Baik, Camping in Malaysia | ABC Camp | Travel Vlog | Things to do in Malaysia | DJI Osmo (23k views)

Special mention (not a Youtube viral)

We did share our simple videos sometimes and we had to host it somewhere..

thecamparound by AROUND (12 videos)
Maximum Views3.5K
Average Views348
Average Age1 year

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