MyKhalish Journey is one wholesome family camping channel and another regular at Family Camping Malaysia Facebook group.

From our past Youtube article TOP 5 Youtube Viral Camping Channels by Malaysians you have got to follow today we thought its pretty fun and making us less guilty for binge watching too much camping videos (oops!). What if we can still binge watching but for research purpose? What if we do some review about some of our local channels?

On the first edition, we wrote Youtube (camping) Channel Review – The Frugal Campers

For the second entry in this series we bring you MyKhalish Journey Who is Khalish? Khalish is the son who also appeared on some of the gear reviews, or sometimes its the sister Khalisha. So the channel get us to see them grow throughout the years and enjoy their vast experience in adventure and travelling and more.

Most popular video – 17k views!

One of the most common family camping tent of choice, from our observation.

MyKhalish Journey Channel Intro

Hi! Kami MyKhalish Journey. Kami sekeluarga suka melakukan aktiviti outdoor seperti camping, hiking, travel backpacking, road trip dan macam-macam lagi. Subscribe channel kami untuk mengikuti pengalaman kami, nanti kami kongsikan tips-tips yang bermanfaat untuk semua. Stay tuned gais!

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Youtube Stats

Subscriber – 2.37K
Joined Sep 29, 2011

Channel contents

You can follow through the journey from 9 years back, including

  • Campsite Review
  • Camping Gear Review
  • Camping Vlog
  • Camping sharing & tips
  • Overseas travel
  • General travel and foodhunting

What we like best about MyKhalish Journey

Wholesome content! Family camping has been getting more and more popular these days but looking at the videos from the as far as 5 years back, this family has been doing that for long so they have got many useful tips to share especially for those who are looking to start or re-start going camping again.

Other than usual Decathlon stuff, they also have this one videa that reviews stuff from Daiso! How very pocket friendly!

MyKhalish Journey also mainly produce Malay language contents but Youtube has becoming so sophisticated these days, it cant easily get auto translated in other language easily. With pleasant visual and hi quality and in-depth content im sure this channel is being watched globally.

Consistent update is another nice thing we love, especially when camping is picking up again after the first phase of MCO in this Covid-19 pandemic.

One thing you cant get from other local channels but only here is the campgrounds featured here are the lesser known ones, isn’t that great? We always wanted to avoid crowds especially during the weekends. Kudos for giving these places online exposure and I’m sure it does help the rural businesses in some ways.

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