The Frugal Campers is one of the Youtubers my friends often talked about. Its that popular when you came up on the recommendations. And its all for the good reasons.

From our past Youtube article TOP 5 Youtube Viral Camping Channels by Malaysians you have got to follow today we thought its pretty fun and making us less guilty for binge watching too much camping videos (oops!). What if we can still binge watching but for research purpose? What if we do some review about some of our local channels?

For the first edition we bring you TheFrugalCampers. Chances are – you already know this channel and other popular camping Youtubers too but we should continue watching them so they could entertain us with more fun contents, right?

Most popular video – 34k views!

The Frugal Campers Channel Intro

Hello, we are Imran and Liza. A crazy frugal couple who loves outdoors and camping. Join us on our adventures camping throughout Malaysia. Feel free to subscribe if you love our videos

Youtube Stats

1.44K subscribers
Joined May 5, 2019

Channel contents

The videos are listed in neat playlist

  • Camping trip
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Camping tutorial
  • Unboxing/review
  • Road Trip

What we like best about The Frugal Campers

Personally, because they said hi to us first! Haha
We first met the couple in an event Thecamparound x Outside KL after talked on Facebook and through friends who are also our Camp providers, so it is now less awkward to always stalk their updates :p

We liked their consistent updates and also it features some of our favourite campsites too. Useful tips and tricks also.. useful. True campers forever need to learn and improvise our camping experience and we can get that from The Frugal Campers.

They also very supportive and often feature other local camping communities, channels and brands, if you keep up with their updates, you are pretty much updated with our local camping scene too.

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Thank you!